Episode 132 – Is It Too Tight?

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So much has been happening recently that we HAD to get the gang back together to talk about it. WOTC has been releasing product after product so quickly, are Magic players going to suffer from consumer fatigue? Find out what we think in this week’s episode.

Episode 100 – Indefinite Hiatus


We’ve traveled back in time for a bit to bring you the final episode of the Power Nine Podcast, for now. We may or may not be back. Just as a parting message, thank you everyone for tuning in and listening to a bunch of nerds just speaking our minds about a game that we love. We hope you enjoyed listening to us as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Ciao, adios, bye.

Episode 129 – Learning to Teach


We spend a lot of time trying to learn or teach the game, but we don’t necessarily take the time learning to teach the game. There are very different ways to approach it, but this gives you a checklist on how to bring a new player into the magical world of MTG.