Episode 126 – Iconic Masters aka Reprint Masters


We love the idea of iconic masters being a set where you reprint basically everything that’s worth reprinting. We go through some of the spoiled cards to date.

Episode 125 – The Conspiracy Behind the Leaks


Yeah! Beat down on the little guy. While stealing is wrong, we here at the Power Nine Podcast are sure that there is something else afoot.

Episode 124 – Vampires and Cats and Dragons Oh My!


Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes, it’s those pesky wizards who are just crowding up the field. Who knows. This episode might be late, but it’s definitely a good one.

Episode 123 – Meeting the Spec


What do you look out for when you’re making a speculation? How do you know the card is gonna be worth millions in years to come? We break down all the factors that we look for in making speculations.

Episode 120 – The Only Constant is Change


Flip flop splish splash. Well, we know one thing is for sure: Chris Cocks is making some changes. But are they all good? We break it down in this week’s episode.