Episode 130 – Came In Like A Cannonball


This week, we take a look at our favourite Ixalan cards that we will be using for Commander. What’s your favuorite? Let us know in the comments.

Episode 129 – Learning to Teach


We spend a lot of time trying to learn or teach the game, but we don’t necessarily take the time learning to teach the game. There are very different ways to approach it, but this gives you a checklist on how to bring a new player into the magical world of MTG.

Episode 128 – Turning Noobs into Pros at Prerelease


This whole weekend was marked by unexpected wins, dinosaur rampages and flying pirates. How does that work? We also take the time to transform ordinary citizens into dreamcrushers!

Episode 126 – Iconic Masters aka Reprint Masters


We love the idea of iconic masters being a set where you reprint basically everything that’s worth reprinting. We go through some of the spoiled cards to date.