Episode 125 – The Conspiracy Behind the Leaks


Yeah! Beat down on the little guy. While stealing is wrong, we here at the Power Nine Podcast are sure that there is something else afoot.


Episode 121 – Burn Baby Burn


We break down the new hotness, Ramunap Red, and how you might be able to beat it this weekend.

Episode 116 – Magic Turns into a Butterfly, Again


Change is not always bad. In fact, most of the times it’s for the better. Mark Rosewater explains the changes coming to MTG in the next 2 years. Brace for impact.

Episode 70 – Naming Needs a Little Work


Honestly, I think you could have come up with something better than Brisela or Tamiyo, Field Researcher. Even then, the spoilers for Eldritch Moon look sweet so far. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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Episode 63 – Spikey Meatball


Not everyone out there is a spike. Don’t get us wrong; winning is fun and all but sometimes it’s just as fun to play some magic just to enjoy the game. What’s your favourite casual format to play?

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Episode 25: Flippin’ Cards and Jail Time


Have you ever bought or sold cards online? Ebay perhaps? Forums maybe? Trading on Facebook? Well, as it turns out, speculating and selling cards might end you up in jail as one player in Germany is now facing charges for trying to flip cards for a profit. We break down this issue and examine the implications it might have on the future of online trading.

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